What is SuckleBuster?

suck-le (skl) n. To take in as a
sustenance or nourishment. bust-er (bstr) n. One who breaks up something.

suck-el-bust-er adj. It means
“Bustin’ with Flavor!”

The first question everyone asks
is, “What is a SuckleBuster?” It’s a long story…

THE “Sucker-Buster” was
born during the early ’70’s in the imagination of a 10 year old kid growing up
in East Texas. One night upon returning from the East Texas State Fair (a
revered annual event in my home town of Tyler) Dad asked, “Did you ride the “Sucker-Buster”?
It was out back…but hey, they only let the BIG kids ride it”, he said with a
huge grin. I had no idea what a Sucker-Buster was, or if my Dad was serious but
I wanted to find out. I dreamed it was a big, crazy-spinning, wild ride that
could scare you right out-of-your-pants. Had I missed the greatest fair ride of
all time? I went back next year and checked out back just to make sure Dad was
kidding. He was. But the name stuck around…

Over the years, I experimented
with spices and would mix up a little extra seasoning and keep it in the
cupboard. Whenever I needed to add a little extra flavor to something, I would
use my secret spice recipe, now renamed “SuckleBusters”. At some
point we began using the name to describe how I cooked, “Man I ‘Busted
some great steaks last night!” Later, a friend invited us to cater his
business grand opening. “What do you call yourself?” he asked. I blurted out,
“SuckleBusters”. The name stuck and the beginning of a company was
born. Little did I know…

In the early 2000’s we became
more health conscious and searched for healthier foods. We noticed that all the
seasoning we found had; MSG, artificial fillers, dyes, preservatives or
ingredients with names you can’t pronounce and this was in the healthy foods
section! We decided then and there to produce high quality seasonings that
taste great and are healthy too! So in 2006 SuckleBusters Inc. was born.

SuckleBusters means Bustin’ with
Flavor. It’s the WOW factor when you first taste our products. We use simple
recipes with few ingredients to make the best products we can make, each and
every time with the best All-Natural ingredients we can find. There are no
chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients in our products. We focus on
wholesome products with a keen eye on quality. One lesson we learned early on
is that when you use the best ingredients – the products are better for you,
they taste better too! Look for our No Bad Stuff! logo on every bottle.

SuckleBusters No Bad Stuff
Guarantee: No MSG, No Artificial Preservatives and we only use All Natural
ingredients. Our products contain no Gluten. We use the highest quality spices
and ingredients we can find.  Our bulk
spice supplier has been in business for over 130 years and is recognized
throughout the world for providing the highest quality products. “Bad
Stuff” we DO NOT use in our products: Artificial ingredients, MSG,
Bleached ingredients, products with genetically altered enzymes, hydrogenated
oil, hydrolyzed oils, fillers, chemicals or products that require excessive
amounts of processing. The list (unfortunately) is growing.

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BBQ Sauce Honey 12 oz

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SPG BBQ Rub 12 oz

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