Grandfire Kamado Grill

 Also termed to be the “New
Generation BBQ Oven”, brings together the age old cooking techniques and blends
them with today’s technology. A kamado is a traditional Japanese wood or
 charcoal fuelled cook stove, clay vessels have been used by humans to cook food
for many thousands of years. Clay cooking pots have been found in every part of
the world and some of the earliest dated by archaeologists to be over 3000
years old have been found in China and over 4000 years in Indus Valley
Civilization, India.

Once you try the Grandfire Kamado
for yourself you’ll be amazed by its versatility and before long it will become
the envy of your friends! One of the big advantages is that it is multifaceted.
Its ability to grill, smoke, sear and bake makes it an ingenuous grilling tool.

We can assure you that Grandfire
Kamado will not only meet your expectations but also guarantee total
satisfaction. 5-Year limited warranty on all ceramics and metal construction
and 2 years on all other accessory parts.