Gloves BBQ Insulated Heat Proof Food Grade Silicon Dark Grey (American-style)

Gloves BBQ Insulated Heat Proof Food Grade Silicon Dark Grey (American-style)

Gloves - Preparation and Cooking

Gloves BBQ Insulated Heat Proof Food Grade Silicon Dark Grey (American-style)

Part of the arsenal of dedicated slow cooks everywhere, insulated food gloves keep your hands away from uncomfortably hot meat (both taking off the grill and preparing it afterwards) hot oils, sharp knives, bones and more. Keep your "Pork Butt" in one piece when removing it from your smoker, using both hands for complete control.
Great for all types of BBQ and rotisserie cooking, cleaning with caustic cleaners, hot water and much much more! Insulated food gloves are found in countless restaurants, cafes and food preparation sites the world over and are in essence, an essential piece of safety equipment.
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These gloves are not your traditional looking gloves and by glove standards, they are not made like traditional gloves either but these gloves have a secret - they are made completely of heatproof food grade silicon!

Silicon is one of those magic materials that out perform all others with superior resistance to temperature (hot and cold), water, chemicals, mold and a host of others. This not only means that these gloves can help you prepare, cook or clean up after your BBQ they can come back for seconds and clean the BBQ as well! Then when you are done packing the dish washer, simply put them in with the plates (if they are understandably a little dirty) for a good clean, then store them away fresh and sanitised ready for next time.
Worried about greasy slippage factor? Not with these gloves. These gloves are the off-roadequivalent of the glove world. With superior all-over raised grip pattern, there is simply no other glove with a better hold.
Another perhaps a more subtle problem when using other types of gloves is getting them on and off without a fuss. Well with wide cuffs you neednt worry as these gloves slide on and off far easier than most others and as they are a little more ridged than normal fabric gloves, they do not crumple up when putting them on or taking them off.

But the biggest stand out feature of all would be that these handy all-purpose gloves are made from FDA Approved Material (Food and Drug Administration - America) which means they are almost comparable to medical-grade rated equipment. Amazing!

One size fits most
Heat proof up to 250 degrees Celsius
Made from FDA approved material
Superior grip
High tear resistance
Dish washer proof
Fully waterproof
Mold proof
Made to withstand years of heavy use.
Ideal for preparation, serving and cleaning
Remove hot food directly from the grill
No more piercing juicy meats or delicate foods using sharp utensils
Light, flexible and durable silicon construction
Protect your hands from the heat while cooking
Get extra grip and better safety when preparing, cutting or pulling apart meat
Ensures better hygiene and helps reduce cross contamination during cooking
Reduces the need for many other BBQ tools and for long wash ups after cooking.

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