Black Nitrile Gloves BBQ Heat Resistant 100 Pack Men's Size

Black Nitrile Gloves BBQ Heat Resistant  100 Pack Men's Size

Gloves - Preparation and Cooking

Gloves BBQ Heat Resistant Black Nitrile 100 Gloves Small and Large (Pit Master Style)

Professional BBQ Pit masters don't just wear those thin black gloves because they look well, awesome! They are actually super useful and have stacks of practical benefits.

Heavy duty: Stronger than normal latex gloves and with superior resistance to ripping and puncturing on sharp bones, Nitrile gloves are more durable and will outlast similar gloves.
Heat resistant: Long smokes, big bones and even bigger cuts of hot meat means hot hands. Leave the "ooh'ing" and "aah'ing" for your tasty BBQ, not your sizzling hands.
Superior feel: Offering the best tactile feel of any glove, Nitrile gloves allow you to pick bones clean or handle the smallest of implements as if you were not wearing gloves at all.
Disposable: Not as high maintenance as other gloves which need scrubbing, soaking or both so when you are done, simply slip them off and into the bin.
Clean hands: Whether you are rubbing a butt, injecting a brisket, marinading with aged cayenne, using greasy oil or even just cleaning up the mess afterwards, Nitrile gloves can do the lot while keeping your hands clean and dry.
Convenient: Unlike other gloves, Nitrile gloves are as comfortable as a second skin and take up next to no space to store, so leave a few pairs next to the Smoker, in the Kitchen or in the laundry. They will be ready when you need them.
Superior Resistance: Perhaps the most valued property of Nitrile gloves is their resistance to oil and chemicals. This makes them perfect for handling all raw and cooked meats and also caustic agents and detergents.

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