Maverick Spare Probe Grill Clip Stainless Steel

In Stock Maverick Spare Probe Grill Clip Stainless Steel
Thermometer Maverick Spare Probe Grill Clip Stainless Steel

* Suits ET-733 and ET-735 probes. Perfect if you have just purchased a replacement probe or if you need extra probes for your ET-735

The story of the broken probe clip

So, there you are. Standing there with a piece of broken probe clip in each hand looking over at your nice 4Kg piece of Cape Grim Brisket from Mad Hatters Butchers and your first icy cold bottle of beer, thinking ���������now what?���������. (I am sure a few readers are already getting some sad flash-backs���������)

American BBQ Australia now stocks these little blighters so you never have to go hungry again or explain to your wife, why you can���������t do the cooking AGAIN tonight.

For a simple looking piece of formed stainless steel strip metal, you wouldn���������t think you would ever need to have a replacement, but these clips really have to put up with a rough life.

Laying horizontally and constantly facing direct heat, these little clips are regularly subjected to intense infrared energy, constantly squeezed, bent and twisted and if that���������s not enough ��������� there is the constant thermal expansion and contraction from never-ending heating, cooling and washing. Keeping all this in mind, it is actually quiet surprising they last as long as they do!

This is a perfect addition to your emergency stash of BBQ tools, spares and fasteners.

If you don���������t have one (a stash that is) today is the day you should start putting one together, add a Maverick Probe clip and save yourself the trouble.

Note: Images for illustration purposes only. The clip does not include a probe.

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