Badass BBQ

Badass BBQ

The Team: A BADASS history

BADASSBBQ are one of the founding Teams, in Australian Competition BBQ. Having found success quickly and amassing an enviable number of awards, BADASSBBQ soon created a reputation for being one of the most consistent performing teams on the Australian BBQ circuit. Having competed not only in Australia but abroad, BADASSBBQ has developed an extensive and diverse local knowledge base, backed up by fundamental skills and techniques employed by many of the internationally acclaimed Pit Masters.

BADASSBBQ Injections… “Get On it!”

One of the secrets behind BADASSBBQ’s competition success are quality products that perform consistently with every cook, improve the natural characteristics of meat and that help make each bite - the best!

With the Australian BBQ circuit becoming more and more competitive and with regular challenges securing the right products come competition day, BADASSBBQ set out to alleviate this problem once and for-all. Identifying this critical need, BADASSBBQ formulated and produced Australia’s first full-range of Aussie-made competition BBQ injections tailor-made, well, for Aussies!

After an exhaustive development process spanning well over 12 months and with final tweaks overseen by acclaimed Food Technologist, John Menzies, you too can now experience true Aussie competition-grade BBQ at home. With proven results at competition as well, the BADASSBBQ range of locally developed and produced competition injections are simply, unbeatable!

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BADASS BBQ Beef Injection

About BADASSBBQ Beef-TECH Injection 290gBig bold beefy flavours leaving you a bit bewildered? Need ..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95


About BADASSBBQ Lamb-TECH Injection 290gYour lamb pretty lame? Too dry, or end up tasting more like..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95

BADASS BBQ Pork Injection

About BADASSBBQ Pork-TECH Injection 290gCan’t get flavour through your whole Pork Shoulder? Turn ou..

$15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95