What you should know about The Rib-O-Lator™!

  • The Rib-O-Lator™ 4 trays turn your grill into a 340 square inch Rotisserie machine!
  • All your food cooks evenly using indirect heat so your food won't burn or dry out.
  • It cooks both sides at the same time so no more turning or shuffling because of hot or cold spots. No more hovering over your food!
  • The Rib-O-Lator™ will cook your food consistently the same every time.
  • Cooking for two? Just use 1 or 2 trays
  • The Rib-O-Lator™ is made of durable rust-proof 304 stainless steel for years of great barbecuing.
  • The Rib-O-Lator™ installs in minutes on your existing spit rod and fits all medium to large gas grills. If you need the spit rod or motor, see our "Products" page.
  • The Rib-O-Lator™ fits medium to large gas and Weber style 22.5 kettle grills. It will also fit 55 gal. Drum Smokers (UDS). You will need an 6" extension ring to make this work.

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Rib-O-Lator Adjustable trays. Adjusts from 14"-24"L.

Quick OverviewThe spit rod and motor are not included with the Rib-o-lator.This version of the Rib-O..

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