Four backyard Pitmaster’s start a new business

Travis Anderson, Director, American BBQ, saw that consumers were after unique and specialised American barbecue products; “I kept buying products from America for my barbecue as I couldn’t find a store in Australia that could provide the experience or products I wanted. My friends started asking me for advice on American barbecue and that’s when I realised the local opportunity.”

“Our company started simply enough, just a few friends and family getting together for a barbecue. Somewhere along the line, this turned into a passion for low and slow and culminated into the company we are today online and with a retail store opening shortly”, stated Mr. Anderson

With knowledge gathered from generations of backyard cooks and a professional chef, American BBQ have all the best in all things barbecue. American BBQ don’t just stop on being able to provide smokers, barbecues and charcoal grills but also carry a wide range of barbecue sauces, rubs, accessories and fuels.

“We have available a huge range of recognisable American barbecue brands available and some exclusive products for specialised low and slow cooking”; stated Craig Petersen, Director, American BBQ.

American BBQ will be stocking many barbecue products from a wide range of brands such as Hark, Kick Ash Basket, Oakridge BBQ, Bradley Smokers, Grand Fire, Hammer Stahl, Humphrey Smokers, Big Green Egg, La Caja China, Lodge and Yoder Smokers to name a few.

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